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RE: rsync windows hang

On 25 June 2007 17:47, Steven Hartland wrote:

> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Dave Korn"
>>> Trying to get rsync running on Windows. It seems to "hang" when
>>> transferring a certain excel spreadsheet. As far as I can tell the
>>> spreadsheet is not open by anybody and is copyable using `dd`. Hence,
>>> cygwin can read it just fine. Any idea why this might be hanging in rsync?
>>> rsync on Windows is using no CPU when it hits this file and it does not
>>> proceed.
>>  It's far from obvious.  Is your anti-virus conceivably interfering?  Is
>> the file unusually massive?  Can rsync transfer a copy of the file made
>> with dd? Can rsync transfer a copy of the file renamed?
> All though this may not be the case here but rsync over ssh is simply
> unusable under cygwin for the most part. I've tried for years to get
> it working reliably and its simply not possible I'm afraid.

  Off the top of my head, I thought these sorts of problems usually cropped up
only when transferring huge amounts of data or large file sets?

  OTOH that does suggest another question to the OP:  does it make a
difference whether you use rsync to pull this file or push it?

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