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Re: Reloaded Win XP, now need to reload cygwin - sorta


The clues that got me thinking were the login problems with cron-config
and the manual timer setup problems with TSReader.  Both complained about
not being able to complete, because of login problems.

So, I set up the system in classic login mode and sure enough, I couldn't
log in.  Somehow, someway, I got set with no password.  Once I set it,
cron-config worked and cron started my job and the program didn't hang.

It had to be installed running as me, not privledged user.

After all this, it would be real helpful to others to update the User Doc
so that there is a section on how to start services like cron and ssh,
to name a couple.  Even the FAQ should have entries about it.  Right now
neither contain anything at all on how to start these things and they
definately do not start like they would under Unix/Linux.

Thanks for the hints.

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