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Re: Reloaded Win XP, now need to reload cygwin - sorta

Vidiot wrote:
I just thought of something else.

Why not have the setup program have a section where it asks if the user wants
to start services like cron and ssh, where there would be the selection box
and at the bottom of the GUI it would tell the user to reference the readme
files in the doc directory as well as running cygrunsrv --help to start
services not selected during setup.

I'm actually surprised that cron isn't started by default, since it has been
with every Unix/Linux install I've done.  The ssh daemon has been optional
and must be set up later.

In any event, asking during the install would be nice, even if it is a

Food for thought.

You may be surprised to find out that these ideas are not new.  What's been
missing in the past has been patches that do something like what you suggest
in a compelling way.  If you're interested, you may be able to remedy that.

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