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suggestion for FAQ update

26. What firewall should I use with Cygwin?
We have had good reports about Kerio Personal Firewall, ZoneLabs
Integrity Desktop, and the built-in firewall in Windows XP. Other
well-known products including ZoneAlarm and Norton Internet Security
have caused problems for some users but work fine for others. At last
report, Agnitum Outpost did not work with Cygwin. If you are having
strange connection-related problems, disabling the firewall is a good
troubleshooting step (as is closing or disabling all other running
applications, especially resource-intensive processes such as indexed

Kerio Personal Firewall is now owned by Sunbelt Software.  It has been
discussed on this list that it no longer plays well with Cygwin.

Also, I use Comodo Personal Firewall and I have no issues at all with
Cygwin except for the 'x is trying to do y' pop-ups that go away after
I tell it to allow it.

So my suggestions is to no longer say Kerio is a good choice and to
add Comodo as a good choice if others concur.


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