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Re: Reloaded Win XP, now need to reload cygwin - sorta

On Mon, 25 Jun 2007, Vidiot wrote:

> Larry responded:
> >Both 'cron' and 'ssh' have config scripts that handle installing and
> >starting the service for you, if you let them.  They are documented in
> >their README files in '/usr/share/doc/Cygwin'.  'cygrunsrv --help' gives
> >you an overview of the command and it's available options.
> That is all fine and dandy if you know where to look.  A new user isn't
> going to have a clue and I hadn't dealt with configuring cygwin in over
> a year, so I promptly forgot.
> So, new users are going to rely on the on-line documentation.  In this
> case there is nothing.  Would be be that difficult to document the
> configuration of programs like this on line?  The web page did say that
> the user doc is comprehensive and it isn't.  And, the FAQ is meant for
> queries like this and it too has nothing.

What do you mean, nothing?  What about this:
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