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Re: getting emacs in cygwin

Wynfield Henman wrote:
 I tried using "run.exe" as you suggested in "cygwin.bat" but it does
not work.  The issue is not emacs, but the initial login terminal.

Why are you starting emacs from cygwin.bat?

Doesn't emacs have a "-nw" option for this purpose?  Forgive me, I'm not
an emacs person.  I'm just recalling (perhaps incorrectly) what I've

Besides I don't see that it does emacs any good at all
(1) it causes emacs to fail in a std tty window. and
(2) from an x-window it doesn't do anything that > emacs & doesn't do.
in an x-window. In this case its no relation to cmd.exe

'run.exe' is designed to be run directly from the Windows GUI (not from any console/terminal). If you've already started a console or terminal, it's really not needed.

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