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Re: Missing cygwin1.dll per local install attempt

Scott Ehrlich wrote:
I visited and downloaded the file to a folder called c:\temp\cygwin on my WinXP system.

I ran it, selected the option to download installation files only (do not actually install) and directed Cygwin to download the files to c:\temp\cygwin

Selected my preferred mirror, and selected a FULL "install".

After all files were downloaded, I copied the c:\temp\cygwin directory to a USB stick and put it in a system not connected to the Internet.

I copied the cygwin folder from the USB stick to c:\cygwin

I ran setup from c:\cygwin (i.e. the hard drive) and told it to perform a local install.


If you didn't tell it to install in some directory other than the default,
then you ended up installing in the root directory for the packages.  In
the past, there have been problems when doing this.  The solution is to
copy the packages to a different directory (not under 'c:/cygwin') or
install Cygwin into some other directory.  Either way, you should remove
your broken install and try again.

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