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Re: getting emacs in cygwin

Wynfield Henman wrote:
On 6/27/07, Larry Hall (Cygwin) <reply-to-list-only-lh <at> cygwin <dot> com> wrote:
<>.  Thanks.

Wynfield Henman wrote:
> Larry,
>  I tried using "run.exe" as you suggested in "cygwin.bat" but it does
> not work.  The issue is not emacs, but the initial login terminal.

Why are you starting emacs from cygwin.bat?

I am not.
You are the one that suggested that by using it one would avoid the cmd.exe box.
And the only time that is a problem is when starting up cygwin and only then.

Depends on how you want to use Cygwin's tools, though I gather from your responses so far that the above statement is true for you.

'run.exe' is designed to be run directly from the Windows GUI (not from
any console/terminal).  If you've already started a console or terminal,
it's really not needed.
Why would you use a MS Windows GUI to run a cygwin program?

Some people like to associate Cygwin tools with certain mime types so it's possible to click on a file in the explorer, for example, and have their favorite Cygwin tool open the file.

I guess you got confused since there were two different points being
Regarding the dos box, when starting cygwin initially.  Because we
already have a putty terminal emulator which is superior.

If you are happy with putty and the behavior you currently have, then you should keep it. I only recommend 'run.exe' for areas where it may be applicable. I don't mandate it. ;-)

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