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Re: Looking for man pages

Bob McConnell wrote:

> I can't find any links to anything other than one sample man page. We
> already have copies of that spec, although I have never had any cause to
> read it.

Wha?  The SUSv3 is extremely thorough, consisting of many hundreds of
man pages:

> What steps are involved to convert those pages?

The problem with lifting man pages from Linux is that those man pages
document ... Linux.  Not Cygwin.

There are a number of areas where either Cygwin doesn't implement some
extension that glibc provides, or Cygwin implements something in a
different way, or Cygwin doesn't support particular options of a given
API.  Just transplanting these linux-specific docs would utterly confuse
people because they'd be incorrect.  So what really needs to happen is
that someone who is familiar with the internals of Cygwin needs to adapt
the linux documentation so that it reflects the reality of Cygwin, and
*that* is why it's not been done.  It's not just a matter of format
conversion or packaging.


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