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Re: Version mismatch error

Corinna Vinschen <> wrote:
> If you have an EAC which comes with a cygwin1.dll, you're using an
> older version which needs CDRDAO.  Scrap it entirely and use the
> latest EAC 0.95 beta 4 version.  It doesn't need the cygwin DLL.

Well, this version of EAC does include CDRDAO, but it *IS* EAC 0.95 beta 
4.  I just downloaded it from a few days ago.  There were 
options to download with & without CDRDAO.  I think it's required for the 
built-in CD-burning facility.  EAC without the CD-burner apparently doesn't 
need cygwin1.dll.  But EAC *with* the CD-burner doesn't seem to need it, 
either, or else it managed to find the version in c:\cygwin\bin, because it ran 
just fine after I deleted its copy.

"Hugh McMaster" <> wrote:
> The Windows Search Utility defaults to not look in system folders, or
> hidden files and folders.  As such, Program Files is one of these
> folders.  You need to check the option to search such folders.

Hm.  I checked, and my default options included searching in system folders.  
It did NOT search for hidden files and folders, but I wouldn't think that would 
affect cygwin1.dll.  I've deleted the extra copies, but I tried re-extracting the 
file from the zipfile (just in case it had the hidden attribute set) and running 
the search again.  Now it finds it.  Go figger.  Bizarre behavior like this is why 
I prefer find.  :-)

> You can add C:\Cygwin\bin and C:\Cygwin\usr\X11R6\bin (if you use
> X-windows based systems) to your system PATH, so that all applications
> can find the appropriate binaries, libraries, and the like.  

That did the trick!

Thanks for all your help, folks!

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