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RE: How to link with third party libraries using gcc

On 29 June 2007 15:26, km4hr wrote:

> computer. I have no idea how cygwin does that. But with all the complex
> obstacles that the cygwin developers have obviously overcome it's puzzling
> to me why something as seemingly ordinary as Windows libraries is so
> mystifying.  

  Because they are *windows* libraries, not *cygwin* libraries.  The two are

> In just this one series of messages I've been told the
> instructions in the cygwin user's guide make no sense. 

  The instructions in the user's guide do not address the incredibly tricky
and unreliable thing you are trying to do.

> Then I'm offered
> several opinions about what I should do.

  No, you have been told the /same/ things by several people, but you just
aren't listening.

>  It makes me wonder how Windows' own
> programming tools are able to link with their own libraries if the standards
> are so vague and haphazard.  

  They aren't "vague and haphazard", they are precise, and explicit - and
INCOMPATIBLE.  Each standard is entirely consistent, but YOU ARE TRYING TO MIX

> I guess I'll just add one more entry to the
> list of things I can't comprehend about Windows.  I'm ok with that because I
> don't care about Windows anyway.
> Thanks again from enlightening me.

  Don't really think you've understood a word so far.

  Once more, I'll suggest you try thinking of it this way: how easy would you
find it to link a windows DLL into a program running on your unix box?
Because that is equivalent to what you are trying to do.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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