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Re: How to link with third party libraries using gcc

Bob McConnell wrote:


Whether the libraries are linked dynamic or static is irrelevant here. The Windows libraries are stored in a different object format than the Unix and Cygwin libraries, and probably have different calling

The format of Windows and Cygwin libraries are the same.

conventions. You can't use MS-Windows libraries without the appropriate
tools, usually that means Visual Studio. Cygwin made no attempt to be

You can use MS-Windows libraries with Cygwin.  Look under the hood of Cygwin
and you'll see Windows API calls.  The typical problems are matching the
calling conventions and managing resources (heap, etc), as Dave has already
pointed out.  But it's possible, as Cygwin itself illustrates.

compatible at that level, likely because both the API and calling
conventions are so different.


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