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Re: git: Tralining whitespace error during commit

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According to Eric Blake on 8/9/2007 11:07 AM:
> And yet another, which I have been considering doing the next time I package 
> git (right now, I'm kind of waiting for git 1.5.3 to come out),

1.5.3 is out, so I'm in the middle of packaging it.

> is to override 
> the upstream git's decision that on cygwin, the templates installed 
> in /usr/share/git-core/templates are installed with executable permissions; 
> whereas on Linux, they are installed without.  In other words, _somebody_ (not 
> me) thought that because windows permissions can't be relied on, that ALL git 
> hooks should be enabled by default;

And that somebody is.... setup.exe.  The tar file has the correct
non-executable permissions, but setup.exe insists on giving the files full
executable permissions, perhaps because they start with #!.  So I'm adding
a postinstall that undoes the damage.

> whereas on Linux, where permissions are 
> reliable, ALL git hooks are disabled by default and you must chmod +x them to 
> turn them on.  This seems inconsistent to me, but not to the point that I have 
> complained upstream on the git mailing list; perhaps you'd like to raise the 
> point there?

Not an upstream bug after all.

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