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Re: Help with mount..

gms5002 wrote:
Hi - I am having a problem getting mount to work in cygwin.  Here is what I
am trying to do:

Greg@CHICKEN ~/test
$ pwd

Greg@CHICKEN ~/test
$ mkdir foo

Greg@CHICKEN ~/test
$ mkdir bar

Greg@CHICKEN ~/test
$ vi bar/test

Greg@CHICKEN ~/test
$ ls -l bar
total 0
-rw-r--r-- 1 Greg None 0 Sep  3 23:48 test

Greg@CHICKEN ~/test
$ mount bar foo
mount: foo: Invalid argument

Greg@CHICKEN ~/test
$ mount /home/Greg/test/bar/ /home/Greg/test/foo/
mount: /home/Greg/test/foo/: Invalid argument

any ideas?

Well you could start by explaining what you think those mounts should have done. Are you trying for the equivalent of a loopback mount?

Remember that mount is one of the utilities that differs substantially from its Linux/Unix counterpart. The man page starts:

mount - Display information about mounted filesystems, or mount a

       mount [OPTION] [<win32path> <posixpath>]

but it doesn't give any specifics of what a win32path is supposed to be and whether relative paths constitute acceptable win32 paths. In particular the section that reads

Limitations:  there  is  a  hard-coded limit of 30 mount points.  Also,
although you can mount to pathnames that do not start with  "/",  there
is no way to make use of such mount points.

should give you some clue that what you are trying to achieve should probably be done some way other than what you have tried so far.

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