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Re: git: Tralining whitespace error during commit

Eric Blake wrote:
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According to Eric Blake on 8/9/2007 11:07 AM:
And yet another, which I have been considering doing the next time I package git (right now, I'm kind of waiting for git 1.5.3 to come out),

1.5.3 is out, so I'm in the middle of packaging it.

is to override the upstream git's decision that on cygwin, the templates installed in /usr/share/git-core/templates are installed with executable permissions; whereas on Linux, they are installed without. In other words, _somebody_ (not me) thought that because windows permissions can't be relied on, that ALL git hooks should be enabled by default;

And that somebody is.... setup.exe. The tar file has the correct non-executable permissions, but setup.exe insists on giving the files full executable permissions, perhaps because they start with #!. So I'm adding a postinstall that undoes the damage.


I thought that this was just a Windows-ism.  Windows likes files to be
executable so that you can invoke the application that is associated with
a file just by typing the name at a command line (or other method for
invoking CreateProcess()).  'setup.exe' uses the Windows permission model
to untar files.  Until/if 'setup.exe' gains support for Cygwin's ntsec
abilities, resetting the permissions after the fact makes sense.

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