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Re: Slowness problem due to sjlj-exceptions for Octave

On 9/5/07, Tatsuro MATSUOKA <matsuoka@w00tjapanesehackersr0x> wrote:
> Sorry just error correction again
> >James R. Phillips, who is a maintainer of octave 2.1.73. Pherhaps he
> >is not working as a maintainer because he has not been made any
> >respose when I threw a topic of  my testing binary of Octave 2.9.12
> >on cygwin.
> >
> >John W. Eaton, who is a main develper, seems not to like use
> >undefault complier because octave uses the develop category tools
> >including gcc for the advanced user tool. (Function can be complied
> >to specially named dynamic link library *.oct)
> >He is afraid that the specially prepared complier confuses the user.

Well, (unless i am really confused -- correct me if i am) but you
stated in a previous email your minGW install...

> $ gcc -v
> Reading specs from c:/Programs/MinGW/bin/../lib/gcc/mingw32/3.4.2/

this sjould NOT happen... if you're compiling this for cygwin then
there should be "reading specs from /lib/gcc/....." not
"c;/programs/minGW/bin/../lib/....." -- is this Vista? if so, make
sure that the User Access Control is disabled and hurt. seriously

****** I MAY JUST BE CONFUSED *******

Morgan gangwere

"Space does not reflect society, it expresses it." -- Castells, M.,
Space of Flows, Space of Places: Materials for a Theory of Urbanism in
the Information Age, in The Cybercities Reader, S. Graham, Editor.
2004, Routledge: London. p. 82-93.

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