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Re: Slowness problem due to sjlj-exceptions for Octave

Charles Wilson wrote:

> I don't think Danny every claimed that 4.3 solved the foreign frame
> problem that Dwarf2 EH suffers from.  I know there was *supposed* to be
> a SoC project to fix that (and another, related one? to add SEH support)
> but I've seen no results from it (either one).
> Can you show me where this problem got fixed, in 4.3?  I'd love to be
> wrong...

The part I was referring to is the w32-unwind.h file of this patch:

/* This file implements the md_fallback_frame_state_for routine for
   Windows, triggered when the GCC table based unwinding process hits a
   frame for which no unwind info has been registered. This typically
   occurs when raising an exception from a signal handler, because the
   handler is actually called from the OS kernel.

Although reading it again I'm not sure if this would also apply in the
case of the callback frame or not, since there's no exception context...
so maybe this is in fact not fixed.  I'll try to make a testcase.


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