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Re: Slowness problem due to sjlj-exceptions for Octave


This is Tatsuro writing.

My threwing the problem on octave on cygwin seems to cause extensive 
It is greatful for me.  Thank a lot.

>Anthony Heading wrote:

>>  Not to say
>> that the constraint isn't technically real, but it it worth killing the
>> Cygwin platform for Octave et al when mingw is available for those that
>> need it?

Octave by mingw is not perfect yet.  During configure and make, it 
causes problems
so that I have to modify 'config.h'.
After building, I have to modify produced shell command
and some system command which was written by octave language.
My trial mingw octave has not been perfect yet. 
One important system command does not work correctly.   
Benjamin lindar seems to be succeed it but his binary has not been 
coming up yet.

Michael Goffioul has suceeded in building octave on MSVC platform.
But it is not easy other people to use it for optimizeing and 
custamizing octave for thier computer.

For cygwin, shuch effort is not usally required. 
We can make the octave just ./configure and make.
It is still easiest platform to build octave by oneself.
In addition windows gnuplot cannot be used as it is on octave 2.9.xx.
Michael Goffioul solved this problem to prepare special gnuplot.
However its speed is not enough and some times works buggy.
The commucation octave with gnuplot X on cygwin has no problem.

The above is my summary for the situation the Octave for windows at 

For octave for windows, the cygwin platform is still useful. 
Especially for the user dialy cygwin user.
I uses gnuplot on X.  It is better for me than windows native one.
So that I would like to use octave on the cygwin platform.

Brian wrote:
>I think you're confusing the two separate issues, or maybe I didn't
>transition from one to the other very clearly.
>The reason we ship with SJLJ is because the Dwarf unwinder (prior to gcc
>4.3) can't deal with foreign frames.  You can run into this simply by
>writing a Windows GUI app, since the winproc is a callback.  This is
>unrelated to whether you have static or shared libgcc, or exceptions
>across libraries, or cygwin1.dll/msvcrt.dll.  I don't know how many
>people use gcc 3.x to write Win32 GUI apps that use exceptions, but
>without SJLJ I think it would be near-impossible to do this.  And that's
>not a very far fetched or abstract idea: Cygwin's own setup.exe is a GUI
>C++ app that uses exceptions, and it would fail miserably with 3.x
>Dwarf2 EH.  You can't just say "sorry, gcc can't be used to write
>Windows GUI apps if you want to use C++ exceptions."

Octave itself does not have GUI so that Dwarf2 EH is possible to use 
In octave extention there is a Windows GUI interface.  
I did not test it in my binary.  But I have built many extention 
at the same time. For Windows GUI interface function, the building 
was failed.
I did not still see the origin of failure in detail.  
There is possiblity that the failure came frommy octave using Dwarf2 
I will see it in detail in the near future.


Best regards to all who replied this matter and read them.



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