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Re: OpenSSH source in winsup?

Ok, thanks, I was able to get the src code that way. One more question. When building OpenSSH for cygwin, I'm planning to do

cd %opensshdir%

are there any special flags/config options that I need to reproduce cygwin's binary version of OpenSSH? Basically, I'm planning to make some small tweaks to the OpenSSH code to integrate into an application, but I want to use the configuration used in the cygwin's binary version.

Please let me know. thx.

Carlo Florendo wrote:
Siva wrote:

I would like to know if the source code for Cygwin's version of OpenSSH is stored in the winsup CVS repository.

No, it is not. What made you think that?

If not, please tell me where I can get this code. Thanks.

Run setup.exe and when you get to the part that shows the packages,

1. Maximize the window
2. Navigate through openssh and click the corresponding box on the "src" column. You may need to click the corresponding box on the "new" column.

Thank you very much!

Best Regards,


Yugma Support Team
ph:	(952) 698-1141

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