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cygwin/xemacs marking a buffer as read-only

I am changing the subject here because this problem is cygwin/xemacs-specific only, so it has nothing to do with smb permissions because I can touch and edit the same file with nano and save properly. Same with vi. It's entirely xemacs. 

I've attached my config, per request.
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From: Igor Peshansky []
Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2007 7:20 PM
To: Joseph Koenig
Subject: Re: Passing domain credentials for a non-domain machine (similar to mapping drives through the Windows shell)

On Wed, 5 Sep 2007, Joseph Koenig wrote:

> I have a desktop that I use to access a share with domain credentials
> despite not being on domain. So when I map a drive, I map it under
> "domain\user" and give it the password. This drive is mapped as Z.
> When I use cygwin to work on those files, it does not inherit the
> permissions that I mapped the network drive under and instead insists on
> using my local windows user and password (generated with mkpasswd)
> rather than what I mapped Z as.

You want to add "smbntsec" to your CYGWIN environment variable.? See
<> for details.

> Is there an easy way to manually edit the /etc/passwd file or change how
> cygwin reads the mapped volume to get it to use the same permissions
> that the windows shell is using?

You'll also want to use "mkpasswd -d >> /etc/passwd" to get domain user
information into it, and possibly "mkgroup -d >> /etc/group" (notice the
double ">>" to append).

> (I searched the archives for this....I'm sure it's been answered but I
> couldn't find anything - I apologize....)

It also helps to read and follow

> Problem reports:??????

in particular the bit about attaching the output of "cygcheck -svr".
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