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Ctrl-C will not kill a process started from cygwin shell


I'm sorry if this is an obvious question but I searched and couldn't
find an obvious answer and wasn't sure what to search for...

It seems that some processes I start from a cygwin shell start in the
foreground - whereas if I start them from a cmd shell they start in
the background. (I know I can append an & but that's not the point
here). One process I know of in particular is my favoured Micro Emacs
editor (available at When this starts in the
foreground from cygwin, even Ctrl-C will not kill the process. What
determines this behavior and can I do anything about it.

I ask because more importantly, I am running into issues running Maven
tasks that do not return to the shell after completion. The only
option available to be is to kill the entire cygwin shell.

Please can someone explain what might be happening here, or point me
at documentation on this subject.


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