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not able to start command interpreter after installation

- Downloaded the whole package on my disk
- Installed 'Default' proposed configuration from 'Local repository' on
c:\cygwin: installation successful
- Launched application thru cygwin.bat, this cause a cmd window to open but
close immediately after
- Opened a cmd prompt, accessed installation dir c:\cygwin
- Updated PATH environment variable with *bin directory locations:
- Launched cygwin.bat script, nothing happens but finding the prompt in
c:\cygwin\bin\ directory
- bash doesn't work properly, doesn't even seem to be running. No native
command is recognized (less, alias, clear, etc...)
- Many commands not present
- Many command names not recognized
- Disambiguation of command names (for example, windows' and cygwin's find)

I'm including cygcheck output. Setup's log is larger than 2MB and it's not
included otherwise your mailer's spam filter would bounce it back.
I have admin priviledges on my laptop, even though the PC is leased by my
company and I don't have complete control over everything (can this is the
reason for all those troubles?) Glad to give other details I might have
Thanks in advance for any reply.


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