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Re: catgets man page and docs missing?

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According to LDR on 9/10/2007 4:20 PM:
> Are they?
> Google seems to think they exist.

Yes, but not in cygwin.  Try "cygcheck -p 'catgets\.[0-9]'" to verify this.

> My config knows of none.
> Or, is my config screwed up?

No - you are correct that cygwin does not currently provide a catgets man
page.  Volunteers welcome - are you offering to write one?

Three other things to think about.  gettext tends to be more powerful and
flexible than catgets, and is the i18n library of choice among GNU
programs, not to mention it has a man page.  Also, cygwin does not (yet)
have good locale support, so catgets doesn't really do much right now.
Finally, in the world of GNU software, info pages tend to be preferred
over man pages, so you will sometimes be missing out on documentation if
you don't also try the info pages (although in the case of the catgets,
there isn't any documentation in the distribution package).

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