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Re: Webdav cadaver: script possible?

Thorsten Kampe schrieb:
* Richard Ivarson (Mon, 10 Sep 2007 21:37:42 +0200)
... or maybe there is another client/programm to access Webdav from within Cygwin?

... or is there any way to feed scripted lines to a standard Cygwin command line programm? (Re-direction, somehow?)


Thanks for that hint, Thorsten.
I didn't know "expect" but it seems very powerful, useful -- and complex to master. :-)

Meanwhile due to your hint I've remembered the "simple" redirection method in Windows (and similar in Unix), and tried:

cadaver < lines.txt

with "lines.txt" holding these three lines:

It partly works: I see that it connects to the Webdav server and prints the directory, so it must have been logged in correctly.
However somehow it never comes to line three but just returns...
I've got no idea why and also I've got no plan how to make "except" doing the little task.


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