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Re: Webdav batch file transfer: curl, wget

Richard Ivarson wrote:
Richard Ivarson schrieb:
A) *wget*
Fetching the files with wget works:
wget --user=NAME --password=PASS

I've seen two handicaps:
1) I want to use a script so I don't want to store the password in the script
curl --user NAME:PASSWORD{fileAA,fileBB,fileCC,fileDD,fileEE,}.txt -O -O -O -O -O

... I forgot to mention: In contrast to A)1) with curl you can ommit the ":PASSWORD" in the script. The curl then nicely asks for it at runtime.

I don't know about getting rid of the five -O's (have you tried it with just one to see whether that does what you want?), but you could shorten the command line a bit using{AA,BB,CC,DD,EE}.txt

The shell quite happily expands braces as a portion of a filename:

sholden@bigboy ~
$ echo https://server/path/file{AA,BB,CC,DD,EE}.txt
https://server/path/fileAA.txt https://server/path/fileBB.txt https://server/path/fileCC.txt https://server/path/fileDD.txt https://server/path/fileEE.txt

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