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Re: Win32Core module question

Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes schrieb:
On Mon, September 10, 2007 12:34 pm, Reini Urban wrote:
John Neil schrieb:

Thanks.  For now I installed the previous version of the Cygwin
perl-libwin32 package, but I agree there should be some way to access the
non-core Win32 routines that were previously available without having to
install the Win32 module yourself.
Oops, I seem to have forgot my promise to add to CORE,
when Jan removed it from libwin32.

perl-libwin32-0.26 has it. perl-libwin32-0.27 not anymore. perl-5.8.8
needs another update, sorry.

Our quality process is really bad.

I noticed the situations when John asked about this last week at and I started to email you, but then got distracted. I'm glad someone ended up getting in touch with you.

You should be able to just remove the win32/ext/Win32/ files and include
the win32/ext/Win32 files from maint and change MANIFEST accordingly.
Pedantically, it would also be nice to use the Configure patch in

Thanks for the pointers.

Win32API::File is still in libwin32, since even for MSWin32 builds
it won't move to the core till 5.8.9, correct?

Correct. Win32API::File will be in core starting with the next 5.10.0

And I wonder what will be faster. Rebuilding 5.8.8-5 or finalizing 5.10.0-1. IMHO just the threaded eval "bla" showstopper has to be fixed.
Reini Urban

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