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Re: Webdav batch file transfer: curl, wget

On 9/12/07, Richard Ivarson <> wrote:
>   curl --user NAME:PASSWORD
>{fileAA,fileBB,fileCC,fileDD,fileEE,}.txt -O
> -O -O -O -O
> 1) Is there a simpler way than the five "-O"'s I used? Would a wildcard be
> possible (didn't find a mention in the manpage, however).

Dunno.  I actually haven't used it much; I came across it when I
wanted a tool for managing webdav resources, but ran into a problem
involving %-encoding of the space character.  Never found out if it
was a problem with curl or with the server, but I found a different
method and haven't had time to go back to curl.  What I really want is
a tool that can manage webdav properties in batch mode; if you know of
one please let me know.  You could do it with curl, but since curl
doesn't natively understand webdav it would be a good bit of work.

For the -O issue: as with any tool that doesn't quite behave the way
you like, you can always try The Unix Way:  feed the output of one
small tool into another.  Download without -O, then use a shell
command or script to convert the results.  Maybe something along the
lines of

  $ find ./ -name "*.txt" -exec basename {} \;.

You might even be able to pipe the curl command output into basename.


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