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RE: setup.exe suggestion + patch

On 13 September 2007 18:57, Lewis Hyatt wrote:

> Lewis Hyatt wrote:
>> The simplest way I could think of to correct this would be to change the
>> behavior so that when you click on a Category or a Package, instead of
>> simply cycling through, you get a little popup menu that asks you what
>> you want to do instead. This way, you can go directly to Uninstall
>> without dealing with the intervening options. This also lets you see all
>> available versions at once, and avoids calculating dependencies
>> unnecessarily. 
>> I wrote a simple patch that implements this suggestion. Attached are the
>> outputs of cvs diff (in diff.txt) and cvs diff -n (in diff_n.txt). (I'm
>> sorry, I don't know much about CVS, is this the preferred way to submit
>> a patch?). Here is a summary of the changes:
> Did anyone happen to take a look at this message I sent last week? 

  Not yet, but I plan to.  (Limited free time at the moment).

> I
> thought maybe it would be interesting to someone besides me, but maybe
> I'm wrong. 

  Nooo, you're dead right.  Fixing this has been long overdue, thanks for your
effort and sorry for not having got on the case sooner!

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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