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Re: Don't like "setup" for ocassional updates

I thought is was that straight forward. Consider the .bz2 file under bzip2:
I did a "bunzip2 -d file..." and ended up with a file "bunzip2.exe" which is corrupt. Can't do
tar -t file...
without getting the corrupt file error. Maybe I just got a corrupt file but I thought I would check things out before continuing to really mess things up.

How can I re-get that one file without setup messing up my current system?


Christopher Faylor wrote:
Your dislike of setup does not translate into your getting support for
installing packages without setup.

This really falls into the category of "If you can't figure it out you
probably shouldn't be doing it".  However, the files are just .tar.bz2
files with some extra stuff which is referenced in .

Please don't expect a lot of support for some alternate, error-prone way
of updating an installation.  It is not going to happen.

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