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RE: Don't like "setup" for ocassional updates

> From: Paul McFerrin
> I thought is was that straight forward.  Consider the .bz2 
> file under bzip2:
>     bzip2-1.0.3-2.tar.bz2
> I did a "bunzip2 -d file..." and ended up with a file "bunzip2.exe" 
> which is corrupt.  Can't do
>     tar -t file...

Perhaps it's time to upgrade your Cygwin installation. :-0

> without getting the corrupt file error.  Maybe I just got a 
> corrupt file but I thought I would check things out before 
> continuing to really mess things up.
> How can I re-get that one file without setup messing up my 
> current system?

You're using a Cygwin that was built when the Dead Sea was only sick.  In
addition to all the problems that people have been adding to the distro, I
suspect some defects may have been fixed since.  Why, heck, it's possible
you're running into one in your efforts to not update.  Bite the bullet and
update.  Everything.  With setup.  The chances that you'll be able to
piecemeal update a few apps to present-day versions while retaining a
Cretaceous-era cygwin1.dll and have it be a pleasant experience are zero.

Gary R. Van Sickle

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