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Re: drag and drop to cygwin scripts ?

Keith Chiem wrote:
Is it possible to write a script in cygwin, say bash or perl, create a shortcut to it in windows, and drag and drop a path or a url to it and have the script run and take it as an argument somehow ?


If you drag and drop files onto a batch script, Windows will run the batch script with the files as arguments. So you just need to write a batch script which will load bash and tell it to run your script with those arguments. As an example, you can edit your cygwin.bat, and change this line:

bash --login -i

to this:

bash -i -e /script/you/want/to/run.bash %*

And that will do what you want. Keep in mind that the file names will be in the Windows path format, so you will probably want to use a wrapper script that applies cygpath to them before passing them on to something else.

If you want the script to run inside an xterm or whatever, you can do that too.


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