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Re: scp and sftp commands not working on cygwin installed server


Not sure why we have cygwin2 directory.  There does
not appear to be much under this directory only tmp
and var directories and a log directory under var.  I
will check out the mount command. Thanks for your

--- Brian Dessent <> wrote:

> Sam Snitman wrote:
> > Thanks for your response.  Not sure what you mean
> by
> > "however all of your mounts point to d:\cygwin2.
> > > That's definitely not right"
> It means that when scp refers to /usr/bin/ssh it
> will be actually be
> looking for d:/cygwin2/bin/ssh.exe which -- I'm
> guessing -- doesn't
> exist.  What is and why do you have this d:/cygwin2
> directory if
> apparently everything in installed in d:/cygwin?
> > Unfortunately I have limited Cygwin knowledge. 
> Can
> > you please elaborate what mounts are and about how
> > to/risks of changing them to point to d:\cygwin
> > instead of d:\cygwin2.  We are currently using
> cygwin
> > for our ITG application to connect with remote
> servers
> > and I wouldn't want to negatively affect anything.
>  I
> > will also start looking at the documentation on
> mounts
> > on the cygwin site.
> You can change it with the mount command.  See the
> manpage, or run mount
> -m to get a set of mount commands that if run would
> recreate your
> current mount table (i.e. edit them.) 
> Alternatively, just running setup
> and entering d:/cygwin for the Root Directory page
> should accomplish the
> same thing.
> Brian
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