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NFS mount problem: portmap error

Hello guys,
I'm new here... I get a really strange problem with portmap and conseguently
with NFS mount

If I try to mount a directory I get this error: 

pmap_getmaps rpc problem: RPC: Timed out
mount: RPC: Unable to receive; errno = Connection refused

than if i launch rpcinfo  $/usr/sbin/rpcinfo -p i get this error:
rpcinfo: can't contact portmapper: RPC Timed out

I think portmap service (port 111) doesn't start but I don't undertsand why:
no windows firewall active, mountd-nfsd-portmap services started on Windows

my file:

# Sample server map for nfsd
# This file maps 500/500 on an NFS client to the uid/gid of the
# user who ran nfs-server-config, and maps 0/0 on an NFS client
# the uid/gid of the Administrator account.
# Note that a server map is host-specific (which makes sense,
# if you think about it ...)  So you can only use a plain IP
# address or DNS name to specify a client that uses a map_static.
# directive.
# Examples of valid /etc/exports lines using map_static:
#   /gaunt
#   /chaney  twilley(map_static=/etc/nfs/
uid	500	1003	# user id for xxxx
gid	500	513	# group id for xxxx
uid	0	500	# user id for Administrator
gid	0	513	# group id for Administrator

my /etc/exports file:

# sample /etc/exports file

# Export the entire Cygwin filesystem to machines master and
# trusty. In addition to write access, all uid squashing is
# turned off for host trusty.

# /					master(rw) trusty(rw,no_root_squash)

# Example of wildcard hostnames.

# /projects			proj*.local.domain(rw)

# Example of wildcard netgroups (this is the entry '@trusted').

# /usr				*.local.domain(ro) @trusted(rw)

# Gives read-only access to the host grimjack.  The UID and GID
# for anonymous requests are explicitly set, and all requests
# are forced to use the anonymous UID/GID.

# /home/joe			grimjack(ro,all_squash,anonuid=501,anongid=546)

# Give read-write access to anyone, and force all requests to
# use the default anonymous UID/GID. The insecure option in this
# entry also allows clients with NFS implementations that don't
# use a reserved port for NFS.

# /pub				(ro,all_squash)

# Deny all NFS users access to the private directory that exists
# under the public directory.

# /pub/private		(noaccess)

/VMA (rw)

and this is my mount code line

$ telnet
$ mount -t nfs /mnt/VMA

but i think my problem is due at portmapper service error.

Any suggestions?? 

if can help:
$ /usr/sbin/rpcinfo -u nfs   
program 100003 version 2 ready and waiting while TCP port

$ /usr/sbin/rpcinfo -t nfs   
rpcinfo : RPC : Timed out
program 100003 version 0 is not available

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