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Re: find command in script getting access denied in my crontab but works when I run it manually

On 09/17/2007, kuliksco wrote:
Anyone have any idea why the find isn't working properly when in the crontab? I dont actually think it's a permission denied issue but something with the parsing possible (since I made sure i have full access to all the files and the script works from the command line). maybe it's something with the environment variables. thanks in advance for any ideas.

The problem is that you're assuming that the environment you have when you run interactively is the same environment you have when you run the script through 'cron'. That is not true. If you require a particular environment for a script to run, you need to include those settings in your crontab. This is standard operating procedure for 'cron'. It is not Cygwin specific. See cron/crontab documentation for more information.

Actually, both your scripts suffer from the problem I mentioned above.  You
just have better luck with the first because:

  1. You apparently do have Cygwin's bin directory in your system-wide
     Windows path.
  2. There is no like-named Windows utility.

(2) does not hold true for 'find'.  You should either define the same
path as you use for your user environment in your crontab or fully
qualify the path to the utilities you want (i.e. '/bin/find' and '/bin/ln').
I'd also highly recommend using POSIX-style paths (i.e. '/cygdrive/f') over
DOS-like paths (i.e. 'f:/').  You'll have less troubles in general.

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