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Re: find command in script getting access denied in my crontab but works when I run it manually

thanks i got it working!

yea i knew they had separate environments i forgot microsoft had a find
command though :\  thanks alot though!!

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
> On 09/17/2007, kuliksco wrote:
>> Anyone have any idea why the find isn't working properly when in the 
>> crontab? I dont actually think it's a permission denied issue but
>> something 
>> with the parsing possible (since I made sure i have full access to all
>> the 
>> files and the script works from the command line). maybe it's something 
>> with the environment variables. thanks in advance for any ideas.
> The problem is that you're assuming that the environment you have when you
> run interactively is the same environment you have when you run the script
> through 'cron'.  That is not true.  If you require a particular
> environment
> for a script to run, you need to include those settings in your crontab.
> This is standard operating procedure for 'cron'.  It is not Cygwin
> specific.
> See cron/crontab documentation for more information.
> Actually, both your scripts suffer from the problem I mentioned above. 
> You
> just have better luck with the first because:
>    1. You apparently do have Cygwin's bin directory in your system-wide
>       Windows path.
>    2. There is no like-named Windows utility.
> (2) does not hold true for 'find'.  You should either define the same
> path as you use for your user environment in your crontab or fully
> qualify the path to the utilities you want (i.e. '/bin/find' and
> '/bin/ln').
> I'd also highly recommend using POSIX-style paths (i.e. '/cygdrive/f')
> over
> DOS-like paths (i.e. 'f:/').  You'll have less troubles in general.
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