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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: ctags-5.7-1

This is just a straight packaging of a new upstream release.

Change log for this version:

* Added support for DIM AS [Freebasic, Bug #1741778].
* Added support for arbitrary nesting depth [Python, Bug #1684786, Debian bug #409078].
* Added support for verbatim string literals [C#, Bug #1515910].
* Added support for .ctags as well as ctags.cnf on Windows [Bug #1246506].
* Added support for non-extern, non-static functions returning wchar_t, contributed by Aaron Peromsik [C++, Patch #1458930].
* Added support for numerous revision control systems including Bazaar and Mercurial [Bug #1472894].
* Added support for enums [Java, Bug #1730485, Bug #1517143, Patch #1027395, Patch #1528507].
* Added support for multiple-level namespace declarations [C#].
* Added .svn to list of directories ignored during recursion (--recurse).
* Added support for BlitzBasic, PureBasic and FreeBasic [FR #1100506].
* Added support for interfaces and static/public/protected/private functions [PHP].
* Added support for 'package' keyword [Perl].
* Added support for multi-line subroutine, package, and constant definitions [Perl].
* Added support for optional subroutine declarations [Perl].
* Added support for formats [Perl].
* Added support for new convert keyword [Eiffel].
* Added optional tags for forward variable declarations (e.g. 'struct C;') [C, C++].
* Changed parsing of option input file (-L) to strip trailing white space.
* Ignore comments mixed into definitions and declarations [Perl].
* Fixed detecting labels with whitespace after label name [Perl, Bug #1752361]
* Fixed parsing of generic classes/interfaces [Java, Bug #1447756].
* Fixed misidentification of fully qualified function calls as labels [Perl].
* Fixed parsing of inner classes [Python, Bug #1411963].
* Fixed line continuation [Python, Bug #928001, Patch #819471].
* Fixed parsing of annotations [Java, Bug #1691412].
* Fixed block-comment parsing [Verilog, Patch #1458042, Bugs #960316, #1111214, #1606569, #1615060].
* Fixed typo in man page [Debian bug #366412].
* Fixed missing chunk of text in man page and over-use of hyphens in UTF-8 locales [Debian bug #271323].
* Fixed parsing of ` as a method name [Ruby].
* Fixed parsing of keywords in string literals [Ruby, Bug #1742588].
* Fixed potential segmentation violation [Bug #1672834, Bug #1222926].
* Fixed parsing of destructors with whitespace after the '~' [C++, Bug #1585745].
* Fixed default access of unions to be public [C++, Bug #1548443].
* Fixed various memory leaks, mostly contributed by Dmitry Antipov.
* Fixed parsing of `define [Verilog, Bug #961001].
* Fixed crashes involving '/' [Verilog, Bug #1743330].
* Fixed compilation problem on MinGW [Bug #1517424].
* Fixed generation of HTML-formatted man page [Bug #1645864].
* Fixed recognition of Python scripts having '#!/usr/bin/python' as first line [Bug #1764148].
* Fixed parsing of Fortran comment-to-end-of-line with no newline before EOF [Debian bug #432872].
* Fixed parsing of << [C/C++, Bugs #1020715, #1093123, #1770479, #1770607].
* Fixed parsing of fully-qualified type names [Java, Bug #814263].
* Fixed handling of lone carriage-return characters in file [Bug #1773926].

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