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Re: cygwin.bat/bash fails after install

Jim Allen wrote:
After a successful installation of cygwin you run cygwin.bat and the
following message flashes briefly on your screen:

bash: can't find configuration file /usr/local/etc/; exiting.

A work-around was first documented in

The problem can be recreated by doing the following:

Open a command shell (Run/cmd)
Switch to a drive other than C:

Run setup.exe. The install will work, but you will get the error message.

Switch to C: in the command shell before running setup.exe


Igor's point in response to the thread you reference above is still valid. Search your system for other 'bash' executables. The one provided with Cygwin is not configured to use '/usr/local' for its own configuration files. If you still feel there is an issue here, please read and follow the problem reporting guidelines outlined here:


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