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RE: cygwin.bat/bash fails after install

On 18 September 2007 17:05, Jim Allen wrote:

> After a successful installation of cygwin you run cygwin.bat and the
> following message flashes briefly on your screen:
> bash: can't find configuration file /usr/local/etc/; exiting.

  Nope, that doesn't happen to anyone else:  there is no such file as
"" anywhere in any cygwin package at all.

> The problem can be recreated by doing the following:
> Open a command shell (Run/cmd)
> Switch to a drive other than C:
> u:
> exit
> Run setup.exe.  The install will work, but you will get the error message.

  You need to understand a bit better how your computer works to realise how
impossible this is.  The current drive and current path settings exist purely
on a per-process basis (they are maintained in local storage controlled by
ntdll.dll, since you ask), and as per-process settings, once the process has
exited, all trace of them is lost.  The moment you close the DOS shell, there
is no difference in your system than if you had never changed drive at all.
Thinking it could somehow cause a change in the behaviour of a subsequent run
of setup.exe is a false assumption (the computer equivalent of homeopathy, in

> Resolution
> Switch to C: in the command shell before running setup.exe
> Workaround:
> See

  No, the real resolution would be to understand what had actually caused the
error, which you haven't taken the time to find out yet, and then to fix the
thing that actually caused the error.

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