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Re: Install Problems

Kris Ciersezwski wrote:
Hello, I've tried several times to install Cygwin on my new desktop,
running shitty Windows Vista Home Premium. Anyways I've tried
installing it several times using different mirrors each time and I
get the same problem in every install.
It stops at


No Package


It just freezes there and does nothing...

Did you "Run as" administator when running 'setup.exe'?  Can you run
"cygcheck -s -r -v" and *attach* the output to your reply?  How about
your 'setup.log*' files?

There is no file according to
<> so something
is getting messed up here.  Perhaps removing what you've installed so far
and re-running 'setup.exe' as administrator ("Run as") but just installing
the default packages first would get you going.

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