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occasional problem: .bash_profile permission denied

I configured my system so that it automatically starts Cygwin
during boot time via the Windows autostart feature, by using
startxwin and Cygwin/X to start several xterm and rxvt terminals,
and also to start one bash shell in plain Cygwin (outside X).

Occasionally, one or two of the shells started that way complain

  bash: /cygdrive/h/.bash_profile: Permission denied

Of course there is nothing wrong with my .bash_profile, and if I
then do a manual

  . .bash_profile

in these shells, everything works manually.

It is certainly not a X specific issue, because it had occured already
in the plain Cygwin shell too.

My first idea was that perhaps that it could be a race condition between
Windows starting the Autostart applications and mounting the network
because my $HOME is on a network drive. But this would not explain the 
following: When I start several xterm's from my startxwin.bat, it
sometimes that the "permission denied" error occurs on one of the
started *later*, while the earlier started ones don't have this problem.

Any idea what could be wrong here?

Ronald Fischer <>
Phone: +49-89-452133-162

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