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Re: Ls POSIX style slink output

"Matt Seitz (matseitz)" wrote:

> I appreciate your taking the time to read my suggestion and respond so
> quickly with such a complete clear and complete explanation.
> As an alternative suggestion, how about using forward slashes instead of
> backwards slashes ("C:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts") in the
> base-files postinstall script?  That would allow pasting the "ls -l"
> ouput to "cd", without using the riskier "/cygdrive" prefix.

That would be up to the base-files package maintainer, however I don't
think it's necessary.  As I said the current DLL code already normalizes
symlink targets so if you use a snapshot you will see those links in
POSIX form with "ls -l" even though they're stored on disk as Win32
paths.  If you want a temporary local fix that doesn't involve using a
snapshot you can just recreate the links in any form you want, as the
base-files postinstall will not overwrite or recreate them if they


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