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Re: one more thing

patrickinminneapolis wrote:
'-I' is for finding headers named in an #include directive. But
'>>example_wrap.c' is a source file, not a header, so do this:
gcc -c example.c /cygdrive/c/example_wrap.c

example_wrap.c includes <cstudio>, but gcc can't find it, can you tell me
how to tell gcc to look in c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio
8\VC\include\ for it?

If I did that, I'd be doing you a disservice.  You don't want to mix and
match stuff from VC++ and gcc/g++.  That's just asking for trouble.  I'd
recommend just changing the reference to "stdio.h" and using gcc's.  If
you simply *must* have 'cstdio', you can install the Boost package (see
'setup.exe') and then use its:


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