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Re: Cygwin setup on XP/Vista (UNIX/DOS compatibilty question)

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According to Steve Richmond on 9/22/2007 12:31 AM:
>>>> However it behaves differently. After I install it using UNIX, bash scripts
>>>> fail with '\r' errors, meaning it can't find the CR. So after I re-installed
>>>> to be DOS compatible for CR/LF, the bash scripts execute successfully, but
>>>> the resulting .CSV file has a '^M' added to each line. Subsequent
>>>> manipulation with paste (as an example) fail because of the extra '^M'.
> In your case, I'd recommend using a binary mount, and bash's igncr option.
> Oh, and reread the announcements:
>> After I reinstalled with the UNIX install option, I logged in and set igncr and
>> verified with 'set | grep SHELLOPTS'.  But grep adds an extra '^M' so
>> when I do 'paste -d, a.txt b.txt', paste gets confused.

The setup.exe UNIX vs. DOS option only affects new installations.  My
guess is that you have an existing text mount, which setup.exe won't
change; but to confirm that, you need to follow directions:

> Problem reports:

and include the output of 'cygcheck -svr' as a text attachment.

>> With the UNIX install option, I still can't run the bash scripts. It'll fail with
>> those '\r' errors still.

Again, bash only warns about \r errors on binary mounts if you have not
turned on the igncr option.  Of course, the other alternative is to run
'd2u' (or the new 'flip') on your scripts so that they no longer have \r.

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