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some rxvt patches

howdy y'all

I have scratched an itch w.r.t. rxvt which may be of interest to
denizens of this list.


1)  a new parameter "-cd directory" which starts rxvt in the given
directory.  On windoze this allows you to set up a context menu item in
explorer (like chere) that: (a) does away with all the usual shenanigans
involved in cd'ing in a batch file to the correct directory before
starting rxvt; (b) also works on networked shares, e.g. '\\host\share'.

The registry entry is now simply:

@="c:\\cygwin\\bin\\rxvt.exe -cd \"%1\""

2)  a new parameter "-swapButtons" (aka "-bs" (since "sb" was taken))
that swaps the middle and right mouse buttons thus making life a little
easier for those folks with 2-button mice (and, no, I don't consider a
wheel that squirms while you click it as a viable button).

3)  some enhancements to the UNSHIFTED_SCROLLKEYS scrolling:  when the
PGUP key is pressed rxvt scrolls up by a page and remembers that it is
in key-scrolling mode.  Now pressing any of UP, DN, HOME, END, PGUP and
PGDN work as expected.  The END key, or any other key apart from those
listed above, quits the key-scrolling mode.

The attached patches are against rxvt-20050409-7.

Whaddaya think?


Mark Robinson   
Vignette Professional Services 
+61 2 9455 5317

"Neither," said Feynman helping himself to cake, "We represent the
Physics Department." 

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