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Re: setup.exe deleted some files

Paul McFerrin wrote:
When I inadvertantly ran setup to perform an upgrade of my B20 environment the other week, I noticed that it deleted some files in my /bin directory. One particular file was "cal.exe" which I use more frequently than a real calendar. Is this normal or was it a fluke. I restored it from my backups. Also deleted were "egrep.exe" and "fgrep.exe".


I don't think it's reasonable to expect 'setup.exe' to upgrade your packages
from a B20 installation since too much has changed since then.  The key is
to find the packages with the utilities you want and install them.  You can
see from the links above, what you want still exists.  Just install the
appropriate package.

Can anyone explain the logic setup uses to determine which files to delete? Was it caused by some menu items not being checked with "keep"?

If you uninstall a package, it removes the files for that package.  If you
ask for an upgrade, it removes the old files and installs the new ones.
Of course, that assumes that the packages were installed with 'setup.exe'
to begin with.  If not, all bets are off.

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