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Re: sshd: PID xxxx: fatal: initgroups: myid: Invalid argument.

Tim Largy wrote:
On a Windows XP machine I am able to run sshd but can't log on to my
local machine (I haven't tried a remote log on):

$ ssh -1 -i .ssh/my_private_key myid@localhost
Connection closed by

In order to view sshd debugging information, I've been running the
daemon from the command line via "net start sshd '-d'" and after the

You may want to try this again by running a system-owned shell (take a
look in the email archives for a recipe of how to make one of these).
You can then run 'sshd' with debugging flags right at the command
line and see all the debug output there.

failed ssh login I see the following message in the Windows Event

sshd: PID xxxx: fatal: initgroups: myid: Invalid argument."

where xxxx is the process ID. I've followed the standard Cygwin
instructions on setting up sshd using ssh-host-config followed by
ssh-user-config for myid. This machine is part of a domain, and I have
a fully-populated /etc/passwd and /etc/group files. Any ideas?
Redacted (anonymized) cygcheck -svr output is attached.

Sure looks to me by the message above that your "myid" isn't in
'/etc/groups'.  Did you check that?

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Holliston, MA 01746


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