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Re: OpenSSH and user environment: Maybe not initialized correctly

Frank wrote:

ssh amd64 whoami ssh smithfield whoami

which then also does not print the expected result on all machines!
I am expecting "illenseer", but on amd64 it was "sshd_server"
(whereas on the 32bit smithfield machine it was "illenseer" correctly).


I expect that this falls into the category of "known issue" but I can't
tell without the cygcheck output, which got snipped because you zipped it.
In any case, check if both are running the server as sshd_server or
SYSTEM/LocalSystem.  I'm guessing that you're running sshd on smithfield
as "illenseer".  Either that, or you're using password authentication
on smithfield.  The latter is a better workaround for now than the former.

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