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Non-standard serial port baud rates

In a message to this list in February this year titled "Lost support
for baud rate of 230400 after minor Cygwin upgrade" Corinna wrote:

: 250000 is not supported and never was.  As I wrote above, B115200 and
: B230400 are supported for now.  The next Cygwin version will support
: baudrates up to 3000000 (7 digits), which includes 256000, but 250000
: is not amongst them.  It's not a baudrate defined on Linux either.

In the snapshot versions from mid-February there is indeed support for
other non-standard speeds (like 1000000, 2000000, 3000000) in the
tcsetattr() and tcgetattr() functions in  There
isn't however the corresponding change to the cfsetospeed() and
cfsetispeed() functions in

Any attempt to set these non-standard speeds with the cfset[oi]speed()
functions will fail unlike on Linux where they will succeed.  The
higher speeds can only be achieved with the tcsetattr() function.

Can the change be applied to the cfset[oi]speed() functions as well

Andrew M. Bishop                   

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