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Re: OpenSSH and user environment: Maybe not initialized correctly

No, I don't see allot that clarifies things for me here, but thanks for
sending it. :-)
No problem - you arw elcome. - I might have been helpful...

I do see that FI-WIN and AMD64 don't have '/bin/sh' but
I don't think that's significant in your case (though you should reinstall
the 'bash' package to fix this).
There is a "sh". See:
$ ll /bin/sh
lrwxrwxrwx 1 illenseer None 8 Nov 10  2006 /bin/sh -> bash.exe

I'm actually surprised that you get AMD to report your user name with
pubkey authentication.
We maybe do misunderstand (or I do...):
On amd64 I do NOT get the correct user name. (And also my MPIEXEC uses the
wrong user name...)

I'm not aware of anything in the current Cygwin
release that would allow one to authenticate with Windows using pubkey
authentication, which is why I suggested password authentication as an
alternative (I know it's hardly the same thing).
Unfortunately I cannot switch to interactive password authentication.
So that is not a workarund...   :-(

You might find
comparing debugging output from the server side from both machines on
login to be enlightening.  Other alternatives I can think of is
authenticating "illenseer" (via 'net use' or some other mechanism of
your choosing) when you connect with 'ssh' or moving to a snapshot to
take advantages of improvements there.  You can also try forcing
'ssh-host-config' to create the 'sshd_server' on your XP box and
use that user instead to run 'ssd' there.  Maybe whatever magic you're
experiencing on AMD64 will transfer to SMITHFIELD.
Can you explain more detailed what you are thinking of, please? - I do
not quite get your point or yur ideas/suggestions...

Please let us know if you find something here that explains the different
behavior you see on these two machines.
I will dig around if time permitts and if I find something I will inform you.

BTW, I am assuming that you're using 'whoami' from Windows on both of these
machines. If not, then we know why you see the difference reported by these machines. ;-)
on FI-WIN:     which whoami                 => /usr/bin/whoami
on  AMD64:     ssh amd64 which whoami       => /cygdrive/c/WINDOWS/system32/whoami
on SMITHFIELD: ssh smithfield which whoami  => /usr/bin/whoami

And I did one additional test:

  ssh amd64 whoami            => amd64\sshd_server
  ssh amd64 /usr/bin/whoami   => illenseer

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