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Re: llrint implementation in Cygwin

Tim Prince wrote:
Diego Biurrun wrote:

I have noticed that Cygwin does not implement llrint.  However, llrint
is part of C99 and not having it available makes some applications (for
example MPlayer and FFmpeg) fail to compile.

Are there any plans to implement llrint (in the near future)?

Perhaps if you would submit a patch to newlib, something may happen.

Telling me what newlib is would greatly help in this regard :-)

It's not difficult to back-port stand-alone from recent gcc if you don't
want to wait for cygwin to include a gcc upgrade, about which there have
been plenty of threads here.

Do I understand correctly that Cygwin will provide llrint with the next gcc upgrade?

I understand that adding llrint to Cygwin is probably not hard at all for somebody familiar with Cygwin. However, I am not such a person and I don't even have a Windows environment around to test any modifications I might make.

We are about to make an MPlayer release and unfortunately it will not compile on Cygwin due to the missing llrint. I would appreciate to know if this is going to get addressed so that I can put an appropriate comment in the release notes.



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